Day 6

Rhonda Britten

Fearless Living

DeShena Woodard

Mastering Financial Wellness

Day 7

Lyn Christian

Leveling Up Your Best Self

Molly Tschang

Using Your Voice to Lead to Your Full Potential

Day 8

Tina Paulus-Krause

How to Master Your Communication Through Leadership

Kimberly Skermer

Using Your Voice to Lead to Your Full Potential

Day 9

Dr. Conte Terrell

Monetizing What You Love

Niky Hamilton

Building Resilience Through Life's Setbacks

Day 10

Hayley Hobson

How to Transform Your Body, Your Relationships, and Your Health

Alex Lianne Carter

The Irresistible BOLD Leader

Dawnese Openshaw

Uplevel Your Relationships to Uplevel Your Life

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Day 2

Bridget Hom

How to Unleash Your Limitless Potential

Sara Gilbert

Build a business in alignment with who you are

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Meet Bridget Hom

Bridget Hom is one of the top Mindset coaches. She launched into entrepreneurship during a time when people were pursuing reinvention and personal and professional evolution in their lives and businesses. Having coached individuals and teams and influenced thousands of entrepreneurs nationwide in the Find Your Freedom Program, she founded the Law of Deservability and trains individuals to master emotional intelligence and take action in their business and relationships. Her Book Stuck on Ready hit best seller on Amazon in the first 2 months. She resides in Jupiter, FL with her husband and 3 boys, and two dogs.


Free e-book STUCK ON READY

In this inspiring book, she gives life & business strategies that every entrepreneur needs to get Stuck on Ready to take action and how to:

  • FIRE sabotage and HIRE sanity, serenity, and success
  • Learn how to stop living under the influence and become the Influence in life and business
  • Become self-aware and implement emotional intelligence in any situation
  • Unlock the truth and regain control of your brain again
  • Learn how to sell yourself a new reality in life, business, and relationships
  • Leverage the power of The Law of Deservability©
  • Become re-inspired through innovative ways to do sales differently and get results
  • Stuck on Ready offers a real and down-to-earth approach to help you break free from fear, lack of motivation, and doing sales from the business-in-the-box mentality. This book helps new entrepreneurs to launch into action with confidence, inspires current entrepreneurs to level up, and successful entrepreneurs to adopt new and innovative ways of bringing their businesses and relationships to life.

In this book, you’ll learn to reprogram your mind for success and how to love your life, while gaining the transformative habits needed to achieve all that you want in business and relationships. This book will make you think, and ask yourself questions that make you introspective while launching you into action in life, business and relationships.

Be Ready to challenge yourself to adopt new ways of thinking, being, and doing that serve “who you’re being, when you are doing”. This book will challenge your beliefs while encouraging you to be more and do better and empower the world around you as a means to success. This book will take you to the depths of your innermost thoughts and challenge the way you do your business right now. For the business owner, coach, consultant, or leader- this book will be one that you pick up and quote often. To be wildly successful in the pursuit of anything in life or business, you have to be Stuck On Ready.

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Meet Sara Gilbert

Sara Gilbert is an award-winning Business Strategist & Mindset Coach ⁞ Keynote Speaker

Recognized as one of the “Top 10 Up-and-Coming Entrepreneurs in 2023” by Success Magazine and recipient of the "Most Innovative Woman in Business Development Strategy" and the "Best International Business Consultant in Canada" at the Influential Businesswoman Awards.

She’s also one of the very few Canadian coaches invited by Forbes to join the Forbes Coaches Council, an honor reserved for the most eminent business coaches. She is also a member of the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council and the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS).

But most importantly... her mission is simple: to help entrepreneurs and leaders think differently, talk differently and act differently, so they, in return, make a difference in the world around them, 𝑡ℎ𝑒𝑖𝑟 𝑤𝑎𝑦.


Quiz 'Are you wired to achieve'

Ready to realize your human and business potential? Wondering where you should start?

Take the quiz and gain insight into:

1. Your business clarity
2. Your entrepreneurial trait (IE or VE)
3. Your linguistic patterns

Let’s tap into your human and business potential.

…because so much more is possible…
(and you know it )

Take Your Free Quiz Here!


Meet Anna Dearmon Kornick

Anna Dearmon Kornick is a Time Management Coach, wife and mom who helps busy professionals and business owners master time management so they can stop feeling overwhelmed and start spending time on what matters most. Anna's book, Time Management Essentials: The Tools You Need to Maximize Your Energy, Attention, and Productivity, is a step-by-step roadmap for living an intentional, purpose-driven life.

As the host of It’s About Time - A Podcast about Work, Life and Balance, Anna shares time management tips, productivity strategies and real-life advice to help her listeners make the most of their time. In addition to teaching actionable takeaways, Anna interviews other go-getters to find out how they navigate family, friends, fulfilling careers and full schedules.


One Month Membership in the It's About Time Academy

The It's About Time Academy is the perfect mix of time management coaching and community to help you live with intention, get things done, and spend time on what matters most.

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Meet Kelly Nolan

Kelly Nolan is an attorney-turned-time management strategist and mom of two. After experiencing overwhelm as a young patent litigator in Boston, Kelly figured out a time management system that helped her show up in the ways that she wanted at work and at home – without requiring her brain to somehow magically remember it all.

She now empowers other professional working women to manage their personal, family, and career roles with less stress and more calm using her realistic time management system, the Bright Method. The Bright Method has been featured in Bloomberg Businessweek, and Kelly's work has been published in Forbes, Fast Company, Insider, and Parents. More importantly, the Bright Method works for real women, helping them manage it all with more clarity, less stress, and the confidence to hold boundaries at work and at home.


Reset & Refresh: Free 5-Day Program

It's a great time of year for a time management refresh. In this free five-day program, you'll learn practical strategies to lighten your mental load, reclaim control of your work hours, and manage tasks with less last-minute scramble.

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Meet Bridgett McGowen

Bridgett McGowen is an award-winning international professional speaker, an award-winning author, and an award-winning publisher who is known to be both comical and incredibly memorable.

Bridgett's mission is to help you move away from being ordinary and flying under the radar, to dig deep and be the best versions of yourself, to not let anything or anyone get in your way of being the most unforgettable person in the room.


First Chapter of the Book, Show Up and Show Out

Get your free access to Bridgett McGowen's award-winning book, Show Up and Show Out: 52 Communication Habits to Make You Even More Unforgettable!

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Meet Nicke Abraham

Nicke has worked in a Leadership capacity for the last 29 years, both locally and abroad.

Nicke works with people from small enterprises to large organizations to achieve their goals, and loves transforming their weaknesses into strengths, through driving an optimistic mindset.

Nicke is a national and international trainer, speaker and TEDX Coach.


Leaders Most Common Mistakes Download

14-page of Leaders Most Common Mistakes and what needs doing to prevent them.

We don’t always want to acknowledge we make mistakes, but we all do. What if you can learn how to implement simplified steps to overcome your mistakes, achieve improved productivity, by working smarter, not harder.

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Meet Dr. Deb Sandella

Deborah Sandella PhD, RN is author of International Bestseller Goodbye Hurt & Pain, 7 Simple Steps to Health, Love and Success. She is an award-winning psychotherapist, university professor, and originator of the groundbreaking Regenerating Images in Memory (RIM®) Method, a heavily-backed neuroscience tool proven to reduce stress and improve quality of life. She’s been featured in USA TODAY, CBS, and NBC. She frequently shares the stage with Jack Canfield. Her numerous professional awards include, "Outstanding Clinical Specialist," "Research Excellence," and an "EVVY Best Personal Growth Book Award."


Awakening Power Guided RIM Activity

Longing to feel a deep and genuine inner confidence that makes life easy… causes your decisions and actions to flow wisely and effortlessly … brings a twinkle to your eye… and creates success in every area of your life? Jack Canfield, originator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series and the NYT Bestselling author of “The Success Principles” has teamed up with Dr. Deb Sandella, bestselling author of Goodbye Hurt & Pain, originator of RIM and personal evolution expert to bring the success principles directly to you. Start your journey with this free 20 min. guided RIM activity...

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Meet Molly Gimmel

Molly Gimmel Has an award winning firm that works directly with government agencies, with the top big accounting firms as well as being on the board of the National Association of Women Business Owners and a delegate for the G20 focusing on women issues.

And to bring it all together she has interviewed powerful women from all walks of life—large corporations, small businesses, nonprofits, Hollywood, politics, you name it—to bring you the unwritten rules to success in her book:“Master Your Mindset: How Women Leaders Step Up” to be effective leaders.


Master Your Mental Chatter chapter

A PDF download of the chapter from her book on mastering your mental chatter.

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Meet Ilana Jankowitz

Ilana is the Founder of Mindful Money Coaching, based in Zurich, Switzerland. She's happily married and a proud mom of 2 who are pursuing their life passion. Through this she discoverd her passion as a Mindful Money coaching.

Money Coaching is the process of discovering the patterns, beliefs, and behaviors that show up in every aspect of our lives – at home, in our relationships, and in business – and having a healthy relationship will allow you to Manage your money effectively, make better decisions around money, see that money is not the answer to your problems, and develop confidence in dealing with money and in your relationships with others


Free money quiz

The quiz gives you insight into your money beliefs, behaviors, and patterns. Through your characteristics and traits that show up in the quiz. I then have a call to discuss this which is all free.

Take Your Free Quiz Here!


Meet Sade Kelly

Sade Kelly is the CEO & Founder of The Fire Inside, a time management coaching and consulting company. As a Time Management Coach, she helps ambitious women successfully manage their time, so they can achieve their professional and personal goals faster and peacefully. Sade believes that when you can learn to leverage your most valuable resource, your time, you can be and do anything you desire.


Time Audit Session

During your free 45-minute Time Audit Session, we'll discuss:
- How to pinpoint the exact amount of time you are underutilizing in a day and use it more efficiently

- How to create a schedule and routine to manage your work and personal life with peace and clarity

- How to become more disciplined and follow through on what you say you will

Book Your Free Session Here!


Meet Rhonda Britten

Rhonda Britten – Emmy Award-winner, Repeat Oprah guest, Master Coach – has changed lives in over 600 episodes of reality television including starring in the hit daytime reality show, "Starting Over," is the author of four bestsellers including her seminal work, “Fearless Living” and is the Founder of the Fearless Living Institute, home of the Ivy League of Life Coaching Training. 

Named “America’s Favorite Life Coach,” she brings the neuroscience of fear down to earth giving you a path out of “not being good enough” using the “Wheels” technology she developed that saved her own life. Find out more at


Stretch, Risk or Die Video Course

If you find yourself skipping over items on your to-do list or ‘forgetting’ to do the things that matter or not feeling motivated to get the things you want done…

Grab her gift to you: Stretch, Risk and Die Video Course

It will cure you because it not only tells you WHY you do it,
but it also tells you what to DO. (You’ve never heard anything like it.

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Meet Rhonda Britten

DeShena Woodard is a Registered Nurse turned Financial Freedom Coach and Certified Life Coach. She is also the founder of the website Extravagantly Broke. After struggling with debt, DeShena paid off $52,000 in just over 2.5 years and now lives 100% debt-free for years. Her story and advice have been featured NerdWallet, Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, The Balance, and more. Her goal is to teach high-achieving women how to streamline, organize, and get control of their finances quickly, so they can have more money, more options, and the financial freedom to do the things they enjoy without worrying about bills.


The Get Your Money Straight Playbook

The "Get Your Money Straight Playbook" isn't just a book—it's a tool that empowers you to take control of your finances. It teaches you the four fundamental actions you can implement today to help you make smarter money decisions and build new money habits. You can use this transformative guide as your first step to creating a healthier, wealthier, and more financially secure future.

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Meet Lyn Christian

Lyn Christian is a seasoned coach with nearly 30 years of experience, known for their innovative "soul salt" coaching technique. Transitioning from a teaching career to coaching at The Franklin Covey Company, later becoming their Director of Innovation and an ambassador at The World Association for Business Coaches. Lyn offers coaching expertise to help individuals uncover mental fortitude to overcome life's challenges. Their latest book, "Soul Salt: Your Personal Field Guide to Confidence, Purpose, and Fulfillment," shares their coaching techniques for personal and professional growth.


How to Live Unapologetically: Becoming the Most Authentic You

What’s keeping you playing small? From pursuing your dreams and the life that you know you deserve? Get our FREE guide to learn how to live unapologetically you.

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Meet Molly Tschang

Molly Tschang is a rare breed: tough enough to advise CEOs and company boards, but empathetic enough to understand the human costs of not allowing talent to shine. She has helped management teams navigate the human after-effects of mergers and acquisitions, having integrated over 80 acquisitions with Cisco and U.S. Filter. Molly guides leadership to thrive in complex internal environments, coming together with their peers to unite as a team—to Win As One. She inspires leaders to redefine their limits, see fewer of them and achieve new life outcomes. Through Say It Skillfully®, Molly helps individuals at all levels find their voices and say what needs to be said—in a highly constructive manner.


Learn to Communicate Like a Leader

"Leadership Communication in the Flow of Work" is a brand-new LinkedIn Learning Course. Enjoy free access for 24 hours after clicking the link in the post.

Molly designed “Leadership Communication in the Flow of Work” to help you lead more effectively and drive change. In the course we cover why and how “communication is the currency of work”, including:
• What is “Leadership Communication in the Flow of Work”?
• A simple structure to plan and handle real-time even challenging situations and communicate with greater confidence
• Key principles of leadership communication
• Ways to use your voice for greater team commitment and cohesion
• How to communicate and unleash others’ potential
• Communicating to overcome conflict, empower your team and harness the “power of us”

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Meet Tina Paulus-Krause

Tina Paulus-Krause is a business coach, team trainer and transformational speaker who empowers leaders and teams to embody new ways of communication that lead to deeper relationships AND ignited results.

Through her proven CIDER Strategies, Tina has coached hundreds of leaders to create clarity, growth and sustained success.

Tina holds a PhD certificate in mastering leadership. She has facilitated coaching and training for companies such as Korsgaden International, University of WI, Allstate and United Way.

Tina is a certified professional business coach, an American College Chartered Leadership Fellow and a Senior Level Executive Contributor at BRAINZ Magazine and has been featured in publications such as The Huffington Post and BRAVA Magazine.

Tina is married to Al and together they have 5 adult children and a silver lab named Rocki.


Teams That Thrive FREE Download

Tips and Tricks you can immediately implement to create clarity and support with improved team communication.

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Meet Kimberly Skermer

Kim's experiences frame the wisdom needed to be the respected Coach she is today. More and more, individuals crave REAL and CLEAR conversations around normalizing the true efforts it takes to be a Business Owner.
This knowledge led her transition of Coaching from a Sr Executive Management level, down the path of Founder & Coach of The Approach Coaching Method.

She is the expert who helps ambitious individuals reach their absolute best and master the skills that embody what it takes to find the calm within themselves.

"Find the I.
Find the Calm."


The Approach Coaching Method Workbook.

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Meet Dr. Conte Terrell

Dr. Conte M. Terrell, affectionally known as “Dr. Conte” is one of the nation’s most sought-after experts in family violence and healthy relationships, an international best-selling published author and speaker. Her journey started after surviving a ten-year marriage to a physically abusive ex-spouse. In 1997, her personal experience and passion to assist others compelled her to start Fresh Spirit Wellness for Women, Inc. a nonprofit organization assisting domestic violence survivors and families affected by this crisis, to help them reclaim their power.

She is also the CEO of the Dr. Conte Speaks Enterprises, LLC. known for her popular Success Season Next Level Coaching Program for aspiring entrepreneurs, coaches, and high level executives. As well as the CEO of Fresh Spirit Publishing LLC. Dr. Conte has been honored with many awards for her work with woman, philanthropy and community service including receiving the Joe Biden Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award.


3-Day Success Season Workshop

Free 3-Day Virtual Success Season Workshop. Helping aspiring entrepreneurs, coaches, and high-level executives learn to make 6k+ figures by teaching others to do what you love, via e-commerce tools, online digital or e-training courses, certification classes, or self-pace online coaching and mentorship programs.

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Meet Niky Hamilton

Niky is a highly experienced physiotherapist in Australia, with a passion for women's health. In 2014, she faced a profound personal challenge - the loss of her son, Baxter. This experience inspired her to delve deep into the realms of mind and heart health, becoming a Dr. DeMartini facilitator, mindfulness meditation teacher, and NLP coach.

Niky developed the Rise UP resilience program, a transformative framework empowering women to overcome setbacks with clarity, confidence, and courage. Niky is here today to share some key resilience steps for all of us to navigate life's trials as we lead our lives and careers.


How to transform grief and loss into resilience, courage and grace- free training video

Watch this free training video to learn some of the simple steps you need to take to transform life's setbacks into resilience.

In this video you will learn:

💛 The clear steps you need to move from brain fog and overwhelm into calm clarity.
❤️ How to transform your turbulent emotional rollercoaster and drowning heart into grace and gratitude
💜 The framework you need to piece your life back together when it becomes a tipped out jigsaw puzzle
💙 One key for grief to be able to honour your loved one and feel your connection is never truly lost

Also learn:

➡️ The two beliefs that hold women back during life challenges or a grief journey relevant for ALL forms of grief
💫 How I went from Survive to Thrive with my health, my business, my relationship and created inspiring wellness retreats for women navigating life challenges, all after losing my son 🦋

Get Your Free Training Here!


Meet Hayley Hobson

Hayley Hobson is a Certified Health, life, and transformational leadership Coach, doTERRA Wellness Advocate + Double Presidential Diamond, holistic health educator, and online entrepreneur. Over the last decade, between overcoming debilitating health struggles and learning how to build an online business from the ground up, Hayley realized there are three key pillars for revolutionizing your life and biz: nutrition, relationship and financial abundance.

She’s taken her expertise in those three areas and turned it into her life’s mission to inspire and encourage entrepreneurs and creative professionals to consciously create their dream life. Hayley has helped thousands of people transform their lives as a result of her teachings. So they can move from self-doubt to self-belief – experiencing unprecedented career and personal growth by optimizing their wellness and taking intentional action in their lives.


Longevity Guide

A BTS look at how I build more health & wealth through my daily routine.

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Meet Alex Lianne Carter

Alex Lianne Carter is best known for being a confidence boosting Neuro-Hacking Expert and Performance-Neuro Coach, who empowers female executives to be bold leaders. She helps her clients optimize their performance through confidence, self-worth, and courageous action. As co-host of the Unleashed and Unstoppable Podcast, she blends neuroscience with leadership and productivity principles, to help her clients create rapid breakthrough results without burnout, by teaching them how to neutralize and erase old thought patterns that no longer serve the life and vision they have set out to create!!

Burnout in female leaders is on the rise, and as someone who experienced burnout at what she thought was the peak of her career, Alex Lianne is on a mission to work with, speak to, coach and train as many women leaders as possible to break this cycle once and for all!


Top Productivity Hacks for Female Leaders

Unleash your potential as a Female Executive Leader with this free guide. Neuro-Hack Your Way to Peak Productivity and Success with step-by-step strategies to boost your confidence, productivity, and take courageous action.

Get Your Free Gift Here!


Meet Dawnese Openshaw

Dawnese Openshaw is a CHANGE agent and a master transformational leadership coach. She is a John Maxwell certified leadership coach, trainer, and speaker, author of a book for adoptive moms and two Amazon best-selling books, The Principles of David & Goliath and the Book of Influence series.

She has been married to her husband, Scott for 28 years and they are the parents of three exceptional children (Randy, Thaniel, and Olivia)

At the age of 14, her father encouraged her to read Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People” and she has been a student of leadership ever since. With over 25 years of experience in small business and non-profit organizations creating and executing plans for growth, Dawnese offers a unique perspective on life and business.

Dawnese’s coaching expanded in 2020 to include families—supporting emotional regulation, communication, and relationship building. She’s combined her passion for leadership and commitment to strengthening families to create RelationSHIFT. Because when you learn to master all relationships … you master your leadership and your life!

Dawnese empowers individuals and families to create harmony in their lives and in their homes.


RelationSHIFT Strategy Call

Schedule a 30-minute call to explore and shift awareness around a relationship you have that could use repairing. Think of how when you shift that one relationship and you improve it, you will improve your life.

Schedule Your Free Call Here!