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Hey there, I see you – a go-getter who's already achieved a lot and has big dreams in sight.

Your time is precious. You're not just here to make an appearance.
You're here to seriously level up.

We are going to inspire, empower and challenge you. We are going to push you to tap into the woman you are meant to be, no more sitting on the sidelines, wishing for more.

This next year is going to be off the charts for you!

So put the event dates in your calendar: September 11- 22. For those of you like myself, that like to go all and totally immerse yourself, you're going to absolutely love this. We've created the VIP Resource Collection for you. You're not gonna want to miss it. 

This VIP Resource Collection is for those who want to take action right away and
have every tool possible to truly lead, grow and scale without burnout or
sacrificing your wellness starting today.

We can't wait to serve you!

You've hustled hard, but now you're eyeing the bigger picture—the one where your freedom awaits.

No more wasting time on things that don't matter. No more playing small. You're here because you know that you're meant for more.

The Unstoppable Woman Summit is just around the corner, and I want to ensure you experience it in the most impactful way—the VIP way. Trust me, this is far from ordinary — this is like injecting of jet fuel into your journey.

Is this you? Craving more in life? Dreaming of freedom? Eager to make a significant impact? Ready to shed old beliefs?

Then Welcome to the VIP Resource Collection!

Why would you Choose VIP Resource Collection?

Get in action with the top Strategies you will learn to confidently take the leap and lead, grow and scale without burnout or sacrificing your wellness.

Consider this VIP Resources as your ultimate toolkit, crafted for leaders like you who are set to rise above before the year is complete. It's your personal guide to leaving distractions behind, boosting your confidence, strengthening relationships, achieving impressive profitable growth, and redefining your own success.

It's time to step up and own your journey like never before.


You are truly committed to your growth journey, who are ready to step up your leadership, grow and scale your business with less stress and more confidence.

You're as ambitious as they come.
You've been working hard all your life, and now you're ready for more—you're ready for FREEDOM.
You know you're high-powered, but you're tired of feeling pressured, scattered, and frustrated with a lack of time and energy.
You're ready to make more money while doing work you're engaged in and love.
You know that creating more out of your life is critical to being the type of mom, business owner, and person you want to be.
You're no longer willing to gamble your future away by getting distracted and buying into all that BS scarcity out there.
You're ready to BE the change you want to see in the world. Throwing all those old beliefs out the window because you know you only get the ONE life.


Lifetime Access to The Unstoppable Woman Summit (Valued at $997)

You get to access the replays for Life: Dive deep into insights, strategies, and tools from our incredible speakers whenever you need them.
For everyone else, these replays will be gone once our Summit is over.
This is a Rare Opportunity To Get Direct Leadership, Business & Wealth Building Mentorship From Renowned Experts Who Collectively Have Grossed Millions of Dollars In Revenue.

An LIVE INTERACTIVE Workshop to Unlock your Authentic Confidence (Valued at $497) and keeping it forever, as workshop recording will be included (Valued at $97)

The ultimate unfair advantage, this epic training is for VIP Members Only!
Learn the Science of Confidence and re-define your life vision and craft you personalized roadmap to your next chapter of success
Gain Clarity and take Committed action towards your goals.
Stephanie will dive deep with you, on how to
turn this Summit into lasting change and
results in your life.
This Training is Exclusive to VIP only. NO ONE will have access to this training except VIPs, and the entire focus is for Stephanie to expose exactly how to build clarity and your confidence muscle to make this your launchpad for your next level impact and success. 

The Joy of Self Mastery Course (Valued at $299)

Have the Tools, Strategies and Methodology to Clarify your beliefs, Reduce your Stress, and Strengthen your Relationships
This Bite Size Learning Program will help you clarify your values and put in place simple steps to build a more satisfying career and life that is authentic to you.
This course is your secret weapon to track your biggest breakthroughs and organize the action steps to get into momentum to make your next steps real.

My Unstoppable Morning (Valued at $99)

Jumpstart your day with intention and success with my winning morning habits everyday.


When you secure the VIP Resource Collection, you'll also receive not one but two complimentary invitations to our INTERACTIVE 3-day Signature Live Event in early 2024. This is your chance to network, learn, and thrive in a supportive community of high-achieving leaders like yourself.


When You Say Yes And Become A VIP Resources Collection holder, we will provide you an additional invitation In Your Name! This means you get to contribute to the life of another woman by gifting her a ticket to come with you.

That’s two free invitations to our Interactive 3-day Signature Live Event in early 2024. (Valued at $1600)

TOTAL VALUE $3589.00


It's an investment in yourself that's worth every penny. And here's the best part: because you are attending the summit, you can get the VIP Resource Collection for just $97—a fraction of its total value of $3589!

Yes, you read that right—$97 for a world of value.


We can only accommodate a limited number of people into this VIP Resources Collection inner circle.
Only a very small percentage of attendees will be a VIP inner circle- and this is your chance to become
one of them before it’s too late.

So don’t miss it and regret it later!!

It’s an exclusive group- Join Now.

Additionally to the Summit, you get a whole bunch of other, needle-moving bonuses… and it only costs as much as one family dinner.

Remember that space is limited and this is your chance to join before we fill up… so hurry and take action to get your
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What You'll Take Away- VIP Experience Results:

Get in action with the Top Strategies to confidently get yourself ready take the leap: to lead,
grow & scale from 6 to 7 figures and beyond without burnout or sacrificing wellness.

You will gain:

Unshakeable Confidence
Clarity & Focus
Stress Reduction
Stronger Relationships
Elevated Leadership
And Much Much More!!!

Unshakeable Confidence: Picture yourself stepping into any room, any situation, radiating a confidence that's unbreakable. You're standing tall, making your presence felt, and tackling challenges head-on, knowing you've got what it takes.

Develop unwavering self-assurance, enabling you to fearlessly pursue your goals.

Clarity & Focus: Imagine having a crystal-clear roadmap laid out before you. Your days are filled with purpose, your actions are aligned with your goals, and there's a sense of direction that drives you forward, undistracted by noise.

Create a clear roadmap for your next chapter of success, ensuring your efforts are purposeful.

Stress Reduction: Feel the weight lifted off your shoulders. Stress no longer controls you. Instead, you hold the reins, equipped with effective techniques that keep you grounded, resilient, and in control even amidst life's demands.

Learn effective techniques to manage stress, fostering resilience and well-being.

Elevated Leadership: See yourself stepping into a role of greater influence, not only within your industry but also in your community. Your leadership style is a beacon that inspires others to rise alongside you.

Step into a role of greater influence, impacting your industry and community positively.

At the end of your VIP Experience, is the transformation that awaits you—a journey that leaves you brimming with unshakeable confidence, clarity, and a renewed sense of purpose. You're ready to lead, influence, and make your mark in ways you've never imagined before.

Experience these transformative outcomes by Registering Today for your VIP Resource Collection, propelling yourself toward a path of growth and success.

An Investment in Your Future:

This VIP Experience is your path to transformation, growth, and extraordinary success. And the best part? Because you're already attending the summit, you can grab this VIP Package for just $97—way less than its $3589 value.

Ready to Embrace Boundless Opportunities?

Are you ready to ignite your unstoppable influence and rewrite your success story? It's time to take action. Don't let this chance slip by. Your journey to greater influence starts with the choices you make today.

Let's Make This Real! Secure Your VIP Offer Now:

Embark on this remarkable journey. You're not just attending; you're taking charge of your leadership destiny.

You've put in the hard work, and now you're setting your sights on a bigger vision – the one where you call the shots and live life on your own terms.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much".
- Helen Keller

I'm really excited to see you thrive at the summit.

Here's to your unstoppable journey,

CEO, 360 Leadership Coaching and 360 Leadership Global Exchange Network

Summary of everything that awaits you….With the VIP Experience:

You'll Gain Access To:

LIFETIME ACCESS to The Unstoppable Woman Summit (Valued at $997)
A LIVE and INTERACTIVE Unlock Your Authentic Confidence workshop attendance (Valued at $497) and access to recordings (Valued at $97)
The Joy of Self Mastery Course (Valued at $299)
My Unstoppable Morning to Win your Day Everyday (Valued at $99)
BONUS: 2 tickets/invitations to our 3-day Signature Live Event in 2024. (Valued at $1600)

Remember that space is limited and this is your chance to join before we fill up… so hurry and take action to get your VIP Resource Collection Pass now!!