We don’t always want to acknowledge we make mistakes, but we all do. What if you can learn how to implement simplified steps to overcome your mistakes, achieve improved productivity, by working smarter, not harder.

It is not your fault that you are not getting the results that you are looking for with your Team.

The Problem

The Solution

The Powerful Leadership Transformation Course

Presented By Nicke Abraham

What this Course covers

What you will get

12 Sessions on...

Powerful Leadership Transformation

Session Breakdown

Session 1 Manager vs Leader


* Your Big WHY.

* 66-day Habits.

* How to become an Effective Leader.

* Knowing who you are and what you need to become an Effective Leader.

* Turning your weaknesses as a manager into strengths of a Leader.

* Understand the 7 primary responsibilities of a manager.

* Identify the 9 pieces of a management puzzle.

Session 2 Managers Most Mistakes Part 1

Setting Goals for Success

* You will understand the imporatance of goal setting and how to apply the knowledge to achieve your goals, for yourself and your team

* This starts with your mindset and your attitude. Learn how to choose your attitude to get the results you desire.

* Understand the purpose of a goal.

* Correct way to set goals to reach your full potential.

Session 3: Managers Most Common Mistakes Part 2 & 3

Communication and Negative Discipline | Motivating Employees

* Understanding your management style and the negative results because of your behavior.

* Learn the key to communication.

* Understanding the benefits of motivating your employees with a fair attitude.

* Learn how to motivate your team to get the best result.

* Understand the consequences of wanting to be liked.

Session 4: Managers Most Common Mistakes Part 4

Poor Hiring decisions and more | Performance Management

* Understanding what Talent recruitment is.

* The importance of handling conflict.

* The benefits of delegation.

* Why leading with accountability works?

* Having regular reviews to acknowledge your top performers and drive your weaker performers weaknesses to strengths.

* Benefits of performance management.

Session 5: Personality Profiling

* Working with different personalities can be challenging, especially when you do not get the results you want.

* Understanding your team’s personality profiling will help you give instructions correctly to get the job done for the same desired result.

* We will work through all team members and identify how to get the best results from each personality profile.

Session 6: Delegating Effectively

* Giving yourself more time to get your team trained to be as good, if not better than you!

* Understand the 5 benefits of delegation.

* Learn the 6-step process to delegation.

Session 7: Handling Conflict for a Win-Win

* Understand the negatives and dangers of not resolving conflict.

* Having a positive working environment whereby conflict is handled professionally.

* Positive results and relationships once conflict has been handled.

* Learn the 4-step process to handling conflict for a win-win.

Session 8: Time Mastery using the Pareto Principle

* Understand how to implement the Pareto Principle, otherwise known as the 80/20 principle into your life, which will help you focus on your efforts on what is necessary to achieve those goals.

* Learn how to work with the tool: 4-1-1.

* Understand how to turn your “To-do list” into a “Success list”.

Session 9: Leading a Limitless Life | Being a Leader with Purpose

* Living a limitless life teaches you how to identify your limiting beliefs and how to remove them. This is a game changer in building confidence to be the best version of you.

* Living your position with purpose will inspire accountability and your team will want to work with you.

* Identify the 8 habits of purposeful people.

Session 10: Management Styles & Powers | Mastering your Purpose

* Understanding the difference between Autocratic Leaders and Participative Leaders.

* Understanding the difference between the POWERS and which ones you should use.

* Mastering your potential will help you identify your strengths, weaknesses and how to apply your knowledge, to be the best version of you!

Session 11: Conducting Meetings with an Agenda | Team Development

* Discussing crucial matters to reach conclusions in the shortest period.

*Identify 1 of the 5 meeting options to host with your team.

* We will discuss various icebreakers that can be used to get to know more about your team.

* Always having a team of performers who can replace anyone in the team for when you grow your business.

* Identifying your excellent team members to place “on the bench” for growth.

Session 12: Inspiring Accountability | Keys to Effective Leadership

* What do you need to be accountable?

* Understand how to build an Accountable World through your attitude and approach to your entire life.

* Learn how host consultative accountability sessions with your team.

Keys to effective Leadership

– Key to positive relationships.

– Key to motivation.

– Key to internal customer service.

– Key to rewarding positive behavior.

– Putting it all together to embrace your proficiency as an effective leader.

Each week you will receive assigments to implement and take action for the results we require. I will hold you accountable and to get comfortable with accountability to become the best version of yourself and as a Leader.

Your Host

Nicke Abraham

Professional Extraordinaire in Skills Training

The Winning Attitude is run by owner and founder Nicke Abraham.

Nicke has worked in a Leadership capacity for the last 29 years, both locally and abroad.

This has given her the privilege and opportunity to work with diverse cultures and nationalities.

Her quality leadership and training expertise to corporates has spanned a multitude of industries specializing in particular sectors such as Hospitality, Retail and Real Estate.

Nicke is deeply passionate about helping managers transform into leaders, to increase productivity and profitability, without working harder, only smarter.

Nicke works with business people to achieve their goals.

Nicke loves seeing their weaknesses turned to strengths, through stimulating an optimistic mindset.

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Tuesday, 5 December. Sessions will be on Tuesdays 3 pm to 4:30 pm.


R 9 997

R 9 997

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  • 3 months free for Leadership MasterMind
  • Bonus Accountability Coaching Session
  •  1-to-1 Coaching session with me

R 9 997

R 9 997

Once off payment


  • 6 months free for Leadership MasterMind
  • Bonus Accountability Coaching Session
  •  1-to-1 Coaching session with me

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R 3 500

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  • 6 months free for Leadership MasterMind
  • Bonus Accountability Coaching Session
  •  1-to-1 Coaching session with me


100% refund if you are not happy within the first 3 sessions

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